ABS case with silver paint coating or vacuum filming coating

Remarkable chrome-plated ring and rubber lable position

Designed for end hook protection

With plastic hand strap

Designed in 2010
Designer: Livan Xu
Relief-like,solid rubber label and chrome-plated ring make the brand standing out Powerful and non-silp brake to hold the blade in position Protect end hook Shock absorbing device at the blade retraction hole
Item no. Metric Inch
Length / Width Length / Width
TX 2016 2m/16mm 6ft /5/8''
TX 3016 3m/16mm 10ft /5/8''
TX 3516 3.5m/16mm 12ft /5/8''
TX 5019 5m/19mm 16ft /3/4''
TX 5025 5m/25mm 16ft /1''
TX 5519 5.5m/19mm 18ft /3/4''
TX 5525 5.5m/25mm 18ft /1''
TX 7525 7.5m/25mm 25ft /1''
TX 8025 8m/25mm 26ft /1''