Direction changeable reel with switch

3-time speedy retracting

Remarkable label size

Designed for both long steel blade and fiberglass blade

Designed in 2009
Designer: Livan Xu
Direction change switch Speedy retracting gear Remarkable label Ergonomic handle
Item no. Metric Inch
Length / Width Length / Width
  Long steel tape
LWX 3013 30m/13mm 100ft /1/2''
LWX 5013 50m/13mm 165ft /1/2''
LWX 10013 100m/13mm 330ft /1/2''
  Super Blade
S-LWX 3013 30m/13mm 100ft /1/2''
S-LWX 5013 50m/13mm 165ft /1/2''
  Fiberglass tape
FWX 3015 30m/15mm 100ft /19/32''
FWX 5015 50m/15mm 165ft /19/32''